3 in 1 Lash Course (Classic, Volume & Mega Volume)

This is our all in one, beginner to advanced, need to know course. From the basic know how lash application to mastering the art of volume and mega volume lashing. This course is for anyone who is starting out or wants to enter this amazing world of Lash Queens

This is an intense theatrical and practical course teaching you the basic application of eyelash extensions to mastering the art of creating beautiful mega volume hand made fans. Upon completion of this course you will be fully equipped to start your career in the lucrative industry of lashing.

Course Curriculum

Structure of the Natural Lash

Need to know about Eyelash Extensions


Lash Techniques

Lash Lengths

Working Area / Environment

Volume Lash Fan Making

Step by Step Lash Application

Lash Refills / Infills

Taking Photos

Volume Practice Sheets

Eyelash Diseases

Types and Styles of Lash Extensions


Different Types of Lash Extensions

Lash Extension Diameter

Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Different Type of Volume Fans

Working with Coloured Lashes

Lash Removal


Mapping Practice Sheets

Lash Growth Stages

Materials and Tools require to work

Eyelash Extensions Contra-indications

Extension Curls

Humidity and Temperature

Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Tools and Products used during Lash Applications



Mapping Examples

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